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Term and Conditions

The events of Big Little Secrets are private. We work with a personal guestlist.

Tickets can be purchased through a unique and personal ticket link which is sent after application through our website

A purchased e-ticket is nominative, personal and not transferrable to third parties. In the occasion that you cannot attend the event for which you have purchased the ticket, let us know before the event. We will redeem your ticket for free afterwards. Redeemed tickets can only be used for the following event. Hereafter, this right expires. We do not provide cash refunds.


When filling in a membership application, all information must be filled in truthfully, with real personal photos on which all faces must be recognizable. When providing incomplete or false information, or in the event of suspicion of false data or photos, the organization has the right to refuse your application.


When registering for membership and accepting our General Terms & Conditions, you also take note of our Privacy Policy, which has been drawn up in accordance with the new GDPR and AVG legislation (see our Terms & Conditions further below).


If false profiles are discovered after the membership has been granted, the membership can still be withdrawn and refused. If members have purchased tickets with a false profile, these tickets will be canceled and membership is no longer valid or possible, even with a new application. Tickets are checked by name at the entrance of the event. If the names or photos with which you applied or purchased tickets appear not to be truthful and therefore do not correspond with the guests who register at the entrance of the party, access to the event will be refused and the membership will be annulled. Tickets will not be refunded. Future membership is no longer possible.


There are no tickets sold at the door at the evening of the event.

Single men are not allowed. The minimum age is 21. Any exceptions can be requested to the organization via e-mail.
The organization of Big Little Secrets is free to grant or not grant a membership to the Big Little Secrets community. Completing the application form does not guarantee admission to this community. If you are not admitted, you will receive a message about this. The organization is not obliged to state any reason for refusal. The entered data of refused applications will be deleted immediately.


Entering the event is always at your own risk. The organization cannot be held responsible for damage in any form.
If materials owned by the location or by Big Little Secrets are damaged or destroyed, the visitor is liable for repairs or compensation. Drug use and excessive drinking is not allowed.

A specific dress code applies to all Big Little Secrets events. The dress code must be pursued and respected at all times. The organization of Big Little Secrets will supervise this and has the right to deny access if the dress code is not met. Refund of the ticket is not possible.

To guarantee safety, the security guards can carry out a non-systematic check and, after permission, proceed to superficial deterioration of the clothing and inspection of the luggage. If this request is refused, access to the party can be denied. Refund of the ticket is not possible. In the event of violence or disturbance of the order, the security officers will take action against this and the police will be called in. When weapons or drugs are found, the matter is turned over to the local police.


In the event of an emergency, you must follow the instructions of the company emergency response personnel. The organization reserves the right to refuse and / or remove anyone from the event who misbehaves. Access to all subsequent events can also be denied. Refund of the ticket is not possible. Bringing your own drinks or food is not allowed. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area(s). The use of the lockers is at your own risk. The organization of Big Little Secrets is not liable for loss and / or damage to coats, bags and other clothing. Respect, Privacy and Discretion are three core values for Big Little Secrets. We expect everyone to behave towards these values. Cameras on mobile phones are taped off upon entry. It is forbidden to take photos or record videos at the events of Big Little Secrets with any device. When determining this, organization and/ or security can confiscate the device and delete any photos or videos that have already been taken.


The organization of Big Little Secrets will hire photographers to capture beautiful moments of the evening. These photos (and possibly videos) are placed on the website or internally shared by email with a WeTransfer link. Only members will receive a password by e-mail, or the relevant link, which gives access to the photo and / or video book.

As a member, you agree to the photos being posted on the protected area of ​​the website. However, is there a picture of you that you don’t agree with? Then the request can be submitted to have the photo removed. The organization will always respect this.All intellectual property rights related to the Big Little Secrets website or events are vested solely in the organization. Intellectual property rights include all brand rights, trade name rights, database rights, domain names and other intellectual property rights in the Netherlands or elsewhere, which are related to the website and the parties of Big Little Secrets in general, including know-how and trade secrets. These general terms and conditions apply to every visitor to the website and every visitor to the Big Little Secrets events. Each such visitor indicates, by viewing the website or by purchasing an e-ticket or registering as a guest or member, that he / she has read and agreed to these terms and conditions. Each such visitor must act and behave in every way as may be expected from a responsible and careful person. For example, it is not permitted to use the (content of the) website for actions and / or behaviors contrary to the law, public order or morality. By accepting our Terms & Conditions, you agree that Big Little Secrets may use the personal information provided to send e-mails for promotional and/ or informational purposes strictly related to Big Little Secrets events and community. Big Little Secrets processes the personal data as you provide it to us, for example by filling in our contact form. We process your data depending on the fields you have filled in. Big Little Secrets does not store your personal data longer than in strictly necessary to realize the purposes for which your data is collected. You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the data processing or to object to the processing of your data by Big Little Secrets. You can send an email in regards to this matter to