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Extra tickets for
Big Little Circus!

Double up the good news: Big Little Circus is happening, and we have extra tickets on sale!

Dear beautiful people,

Your patience has been tested hard – for which we thank you so much – but that Champagne cork is finally going to pop loud, hard and shameless! Finally, we come baring good news. After the longest foreplay ever, it is finally time for some action. The moment has finally come.

Big Little Circus is happening on Saturday 11 September 2021.

And how! We promised you before that we would up the festivities when our time would come, and we aim to please. Therefor we have organized and even bigger, hotter location, in which we will blow off the roof even harder.

This is great news for you and your lover(s) without a ticket: you are more than welcome to join Big Little Circus. Thanks to the bigger location and the fewer restrictions, we are selling extra tickets for Big Little Circus. These tickets are selling like hot cakes, so don’t linger. Make sure you are there, because like our sexy toilet lady says, ‘who misses the toilet bowl has to do the clean-up themselves’. 😉 Come dance and flirt with us. You don’t want to miss this.

Team BLS

Can I tell you a big little secret? Sshhh…

The best kept secret of the night is Big Little Secrets; an exclusive get-together where big and small secrets are shared with likeminded, beautiful people.

  • Big Little Secrets spices up your nightlife with an intimate setting in unique locations. Share your secrets with your partner, likeminded couples and single ladies.
  • Big Little Secrets promises a mind-blowing evening with high class entertainment; the music, the cocktails, the company and the surprising, exciting acts that will leave you longing for the next edition!
  • Let Big Little Secrets take you on a mesmerizing adventure of sexy whispers, dark corners and playful intimacy.

Join our club?

Come on baby, share your wildest secret with me…

Not a member yet, but want to have a dance at the next sensational edition of Big Little Secrets? Go on and fill out the application form.