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With your membership in hand, you are welcome to enjoy all future editions of Big Little Secrets. To maintain the exclusive standard of our events, we’d like to know a few things about you and discuss the following: the single membership is exclusively for ladies. Single men do not qualify for this. Of course, men are welcome, but only as part of a couple with their partner(s).

How do you apply for a membership? We’d also like to see you at your most attractive, as a membership unfortunately isn’t for everyone. Therefore, please upload a casual, full-body photo of both of you or of yourself as a single lady.

  • Present yourself at your most beautiful and elegant.
  • No old blurry photos from 100 years ago.
  • No sunglasses.
  • No nude photos.”

Do your best and adhere to the photo rules. Big Little Secrets will always handle your information and photos carefully and discreetly, never sharing them with third parties or using them for commercial purposes.

If we are excited about your submission, you will receive a confirmation email for your membership with a unique ticket link and code for the next Big Little Secrets event!